Lava Development, LLC. was chartered in the state of New Jersey in the United States on 2 July 2003. Since then, Lava has provided clients across various regions with top quality service in software development, web design, database, ERP systems management, and other services.

At Lava, we do not believe that technology is a discipline of its own. Rather, technology pushes forth other disciplines of business. We have wide ranging experience helping our clients succeed, whether with the customization of off-the-shelf solutions such as IFS or Wordpress, with the development of systems written in Java or PHP, or working with databases from Oracle to MySQL.


Over the years, Lava has worked with numerous clients in many different fields, including aerospace manufacturing, construction, video conferencing, education, and small local business. While all projects had been valuable in their own ways, the one project that we are most proud of is the World War II Database (WW2DB).

WW2DB grew out of Lava co-founder C. Peter Chen's personal hobby, and it has since grown int Lava's own proving ground for testing the new technologies, tweaking search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, and developing the most logical way to present information. Every month, it sees anywhere between 350,000 to 750,000 page views from 100,000 to 150,000 unique visitors. Successfully conducted SEO campaigns allowed keywords such as "iwo jima" and "ww2 book reviews" to appear on the first results page on Google for extended amounts of time.

WW2DB has been cited multiple times by the US newspaper New York Times (link 1, link 2) featured by the US Fox News television (Houston), and indexed by the United States Library of Congress. All of the these gave us the confirmation in the success of our multi-displinary approach across friendly design, effective SEO, and rich content. You can feel confident in Lava's expertise in helping you implement the right solutions to help you succeed.