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What makes Lava special?

Lava's WW2DB website demonstrates of our multi-disciplinary skill set. Back end database and coding work, front end user interface design, and search engine optimization are only few of our areas of expertise being presented with this showcase project.

Lava the Company

Lava Development, LLC. was chartered in the state of New Jersey in the United States on 2 July 2003. Founded by two technology and business professionals, Lava is dedicated in providing top quality software development, web design, database, and other services.

Lava the Philosophy

Lava Development, LLC. is not just another web consulting company. In addition to be on the forefront of the second wave of the Internet revolution, Lava commits in providing total customer satisfaction for all services and solutions that it provides to its clients. Lava strives to help its clients maintain and extend their competitive market advantages, providing technology business solutions that bring its clients closer to their customers.

Lava abides by these following core ideologies:

Additionally, to achieve the goal of total customer satisfaction, Lava keeps its client list extremely short, so that Lava can provide 100% attention to each and every project.

Our Services

At Lava, we do not believe that technology is a discipline of its own. Rather, technology pushes forth other disciplines of business - marketing, sales, and most importantly, customer service.

Technology Marketing

Lava's technology-based marketing services provide our clients new vehicles to expand their brand across to their customers. Whether website design, content development, or a comprehensive web marketing campaign, Lava can provide the technological expertise to get its clients closer to their customers.

Business Analysis

An intranet website with appropriate and timely data can provide decision makers the information to take proper action. Lava has the expertise to analyze business data, presenting the vital statistics and metrics concisely to the correct decision makers.

Application Development

In today's fast-paced business environment, having the right tools is ever more important. Lava's rich experience in application development and database design allows its clients to wield the right tools to get tasks completed efficiently, delivering the best product forth to their customers. Internal ERP systems and external customer information portals - these are only a couple of solutions Lava may customize for its clients.


World War II Database started out as Lava co-founder C. Peter Chen's personal hobby website. It has developed into Lava's own proving ground on implementing the latest technology, tweaking search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, and developing the most logical way to present information.

WW2DB is one of Lava's largest public-facing websites among both internal and client projects. As of 2014, it sees more than 750,000 page views by over 150,000 unique visitors per month. We have successfully conducted SEO campaigns so that keywords such as "iwo jima" and "ww2 book reviews" yields WW2DB on the first results page on Google.

WW2DB has been cited multiple times by the US newspaper New York Times (link 1, link 2) featured by the US Fox News television (Houston), and indexed by the United States Library of Congress. All of the these gave Lava the confirmation that it has deployed successful strategies across different disciplines, and they should give you the confidence that Lava will help you implement the right technological strategies to help your business succeed.

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